KREM CONSULTING : Eliminate The Chaos & Build A Profitable Brand In The Virtual Economy

Powerful One-On-One Sessions Designed To Take Your Real Estate Brand To The Next Level, Get Results, And Use Virtual Media Profitably

....without trying to figure it all out on your own!

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$995 x 3 mo
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  • Training on repeatable virtual media systems, tactics, strategies, and processes
  • One on One consulting with our expert virtual media advisor every week
  • ​A personalized plan that is laid out to bring you success with your brand
  • ​Assistance with social media, live streaming, podcasting, branding, and marketing implementation
  • ​An accountability system to ensure that you meet your goals week in and week out
  • ​A proven and time tested path to get you to the next level in real estate
  • ​The same elite level consulting that I provide to the top 1% of real estate agents


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Weekly 1 on 1 Sessions
Profitable Branding Advice
​Live Streaming Instruction
​Podcasting Program
​Proven Roadmap

Powerful One-On-One Sessions Designed To Take Your Real Estate Brand To The Next Level, Get Results, And Use Virtual Media Profitably

....without trying to figure it all out on your own!

  • Youtube Buildout
  • ​Done For You
  • ​Expert Virtual Media Advisor Consultation
  • Facebook Livestream
  • ​Customized Video Intro
  • ​Simple Podcast System
  • Simultaneous Streaming
  • ​1-2-3 Setup Form
  • ​Final Edit Review Session

Here's Some More Of What You'll Be Getting:


Virtual Media Advisor To Top 1% Agents Reveals Secret Social Media Branding Strategies That Predictably And Affordably Grows Your Real Estate Business.

Letter From Nick Krem,

Have you ever found yourself asking these simple questions:

--- Should I do Facebook lives or pre-recorded videos?

--- Schedule my content or post content whenever the inspiration strikes me?

--- Do I need to stream on all social media sites or focus all my energy on one?

Knowing the answers to these questions is a key component of your digital marketing…

I get it, there are so many different things you’re supposed to do on social media to get more business. If you’ve searched for answers then you’ve probably read a thousand different answers from a thousand different "gurus". 

And between you and me...

Almost none of those "gurus" have any business telling you how to drum up revenue online or create a digital brand that can dominate social media.

I remember being an inside sales agent for years before I went my own way.

We didn’t use social media at all, I had to make 300 cold calls a day or the sales manager was on me like bees on honey.

I did that for years, eventually, I became the sales manager of the floor. Although I was really good at my job, I was young and I needed to figure out how to break records in order to get the respect I was being denied because of my age.

Hence my wrecking ball approach to social media.

I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you that I was a natural at it.

I’m pretty far from it.

I had to put in hours and hours and failure after failure.

Lucky for me (and you) my hard work paid off.

You see after all those hours of learning, testing, failing, and retesting...

I cracked the code!

That’s why I’m rolling out my brand new program: KREM Consulting

KREM Consulting is exactly what would have helped me when I was trying to come up with virtual wins when I was an inside sales manager. 

By the way, before I left, I broke the sales record for that portion of the company. I had over 70 recurring clients at any given time when the norm was 30-40.

So what exactly do you get when you jump onboard my consulting program?

✅ Training in repeatable systems like virtual media tactics, strategies, and processes

✅ One on one consulting with an expert virtual media advisor every week

✅ A personalized plan that is laid out to bring you success with social media, live streaming, podcasting, branding, and marketing

✅ An accountability system to ensure that you meet your goals week in and week out

✅ A proven and time tested path to get you to the next level in real estate

✅ The same elite level consulting that I provide to the top 1% of real estate agents

Now listen, I can tell you how great of an opportunity this is all day long...

...but I can do better than that...

I'm going to let you to hear from an agent who’s already been going through my consulting program and discover the massive success agents like you have been able to achieve with me.

Let Steve McCarthy tell you how we helped him “chop down the chaos”:

Now let me tell you something...

I’m pretty selective with who enters this program...

After coaching for so long and having been in real estate even longer, I’ve noticed most of the agents I see have capped their potential and they lack the motivation to reach their full abilities be elite.

That’s why I’m limiting this service to 20 highly motivated agents that I know will take what I teach them and hit the ground running.

Just about every time I look at my spreadsheet it looks like another spot has been filled.

Because of the exclusivity of this program, the total investment for a full month of consulting is $1,295 per month or a 3-month contract at $995 per month.

Now looking at what my previous clients have said, you’re gonna be 110% satisfied!

But on that crazy one in a million chance you’re not, I have a super hot guarantee for you.

If you purchase the 3-month contract and after the first month you decide you don’t want to continue with the consulting program. You can take your $2,000 for the remaining 2 months of your contract and use it towards any KREM virtual media products or services!

This includes our KREM Content, InstaKREM, InstaKREM GROW, Bootcamps, Content Cardz, etc.

If you’re ambitious, motivated and you want out of the average real estate life, then click the button below and get started with one of our expert virtual media advisors.

Listen, one of two things is gonna happen right now:

1. Either you’re going to click away from this page and continue to try and make it on your own

- OR - 

2. You’re going to start working with my team and we’re going to revolutionize your business!

If you really think you can do this as a "lone wolf" ...then I wish you the best. That’s the road I was on and it isn’t an easy one, but it can be done.

If this is what you decide to do then I genuinely hope you find success a lot faster than I found it.

On the other hand, if you realize that the fastest way to get to higher earnings and bigger audiences is to follow the directions from someone who’s already been there ...then your business and your life can change a lot in the next few months!

If that sounds like you, Then click the link below and let’s get to work!

My goal with KREM Consulting is to turn you into a master of creating revenue, generating transactions, and getting the attention your business needs from social media so you can thrive in the virtual economy.

How do you get good at something?

Well you do it a lot, right?

So how do you become one of the best?

You do it consistently and you do it with a fire in your belly!!!

That’s why this consulting is a weekly program. I don’t want you to be good, I want you to be the best.

Everything is changing right now…

The virtual space is growing every day and becoming more influential with every passing moment.

You can either ignore that and fade into mediocrity (...which I do not recommend)

...or you can seize this enormous opportunity and make it work for you in monumental ways.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Which will you choose?

Your Friend,

Virtual Media Advisor To Top 1% Agents

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Learn How To Position Yourself As A Real Estate Expert In Today’s Virtual Market.

Join now and you get:

*6 Weekly Live Training Calls

*Access To Nick Krem & his Real Estate Media Team

*Exclusive Access To Celebrity Coaches

*Targets, Assignments, & Accountability

*Step By Step Process To Build An Audience Of Clients Using Facebook, Instagram, Podcasting, Funnels, LinkedIn, Email, Messenger, Text, Video, And More!

*Tools, Templates, & Strategies So You Can Add Value On Every Major Social Media Platform

*Repeatable Processes That Convert Content into Clients

Plus you get fast action bonuses of:

*Lifetime Access To The Virtual Home Selling Bootcamp Recordings ($1,497 Value)

*Free On-Demand Access To The 8 Hour Recording Of Live With Leaders ($7,920 Value)

Yes! I want to join the Virtual Home Selling Bootcamp!

DISCLAIMER: I can’t promise that you will grow your business with this program but I will assure you I would have grown my business faster had I known what I know today. While I can’t make you a financial guarantee, I do promise to advance your real estate business faster with me than without me……
 All Rights Reserved - K&L Advisors Ltd.
A letter from Nick Krem
April 2020
To ALL impacted by the recent virtual market shift:

Agents, just like you, affected by this unusual time have requested I open my
Virtual Home Selling Playbook to guide, instruct, and share my media team's exact templates and processes during these times.

I wanted to make a training workshop for you to get the help, guidance and assistance you need to make sure this set back doesn’t leave you and your family set back. 

This Virtual Home Selling Bootcamp will be to get you through this and to the other side better, faster and more confident. 

Our first call is next Thursday!

6 weeks of coaching calls, each designed to give exact strategies, to guide you so can you do more than just get by and so you and your family can expand.

In addition to exclusive, private live weekly video calls, you get immediate and unlimited Access to:

Podcasting Tactics And Strategies, Facebook Live Streaming, Youtube Live Streaming, LinkedIn Live Streaming, Video Intros And Outros, Podcasting Intros And Outros, Templates 

Become More Known Than Other Agents In Your Market
Position Yourself As An Expert Agent On Social Media
Have Your Content Seen On Every Major Platform




NEED MORE…..? Read on. 



Not to get negative, but the average person is going to get financially destroyed by this massive setback. 

The wealthy will take a hit but they will be the first back because they know how to pivot. 

 This is your opportunity to pivot and become something more. 

I will be sharing with you exact and precise specific strategies and actions I am using to ensure you’ll get through this and be bigger, better and more prosperous with a new life of abundance—regardless of the environment.

The time to take advantage of this is NOW. We start Thursday night but I want to get you some things to get started now…

So don’t miss out on this opportunity thinking that you’re just going to get through this recession by yourself.

The fact is, nobody who succeeds big ever does so by being a lone-ranger; not Bill Gates, Warren, Oprah, and Elon.

You will not make it through this alone and be better off. We ALL need a network of friends who can support us when times are tough. 

I promise you my 10X team and I are here for you. 

The only question is, are you ready?    

Live With Leaders | 1.216.534.3258 | Click To Text